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After some of the long-term scout leaders moved to a new part of Zagreb, they noticed that a scout should be launched there as well.

The work of the association began on July 8, 1992 with the students of the Elementary School Savski gaj, Remetinečka cesta 60, which became the domicile source of members.

The first trip to Medvedgrad on Zagrebačka gora was organized for 108 participants of future members. The participants were satisfied and already following week regular training meetings for members began.

From the first day until today, the association implements a full scout program, which can meet all the interests of children and youth in acquiring skills and preparations to create an attitude and take responsibility.

Age groups gathered in the school premises while we held leadership agreements in the premises of the city scout association. In the late 90's the association rents space at the address Remetinečki gaj 77a, and in 2011 we moved to the address Remetinečki gaj 14 where we combined the space for meetings, small office and equipment storage space. The location allows us independence as well as an independent schedule of using the space and the nearby large meadows next to the sports field.

As early as 1993, the members of the detachment set out on their first independent camp on the island of Veruda near Pula. Since then, every year, members have been on regular sea and forest camps lasting ten to twenty-five days in the summer months, field trip during the spring holidays for five to six days, wintering during the winter holidays, the "Bethlehem Light of Peace" in Austria during December. Members have participated in many international activities from Finland’s Lapland in the north to Egypt and Chile in the south, Mexico in the west and Japan in the east of planet Earth.

On average, the association has about 110 members, of which about 90% of members are very active in various forms of programming throughout the year.

According to the activity plan, over the years we have between 48 to 55 activities (weekends, holidays, free time) where we employ between 3,200 to 4,900 scouts / days and our leaders achieve between 3,800 and 5,600 volunteer hours on program implementation and logistics for the program.

Since the fall of 2015, we have been including cubs in the new program of the Croatian Scout Association (Scout Challenge), which has the support of the World Scout Office (WOSM).

For the IPI program, the Croatian Scout Association received great recognition from the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports with a recommendation to all primary schools to connect with scout associations and provide support as well as pupils participation in the program.

Recently, the Croatian Scout Association has been organizing afforestation of the burned areas of Dalmatia ("Boranka"), in which we are also very actively participating. The Boranka campaign of the Croatian Scout Association is the winner of the European Citizen Award for 2020. It is an award given by the European Parliament for exceptional achievements in the promotion of European values and unity.

In 2022, we turned 30 years, and celebrated on Saturday, October 8th

OUR FOUNDERS   (from left)

Andreja Dubnjaković
first kid member (and Višnja's daughter)

Višnja Sremić
scoutmaster since beginning

Damir Sremić
Višnja's right hand (and husband)

Dubravka Anić
teacher at the local primary school

Boris Moćan
old member and first president of Scouts organization in independent Croatia