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Camp Burnjak

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Camp represented by: Udruga skauta Savski gaj
Location: Gornja Stubica, Hrvatsko zagorje
Camp description:
Meadow area of 8,000 m2, with brook Burnjak at middle, forest environment 45°59’29.3″N 16°02’30″E (see on Google) elevation 214m. The space at this stage is only used for summer forest camps with highlighted pioneering programs. The participants come to an empty space where they build a complete camp infrastructure (in part from the standard elements - water supply, kitchen, sanitary part). Everything else is constructed of handy materials or materials from the remains of the saw wood or forest wood. At the end of the camp, the entire structure of the campsite is either crushed or packed, leaving a clean meadow surface and the wooden arbour (base 4x4m), barbeque stand and flagpole.

Access to campsite: - train from Zagreb to Gornja Stubica + about 4 km walking from the station
-line buses from Buss Station Zagreb to Gornja Stubica + 4 km walking distance
-rented bus to the village Pasanska gorica (3km from G.Stubica), + 400m by foot on the macadam road to the terrain
-by car (van) Zagreb to the terrain (52 km), asphalt to Pasanska gorica, good macadam to the camp parking through the woods along the Burnjak stream (400m).
-mobile phone network: present in the air (use your own phone).

Accommodation types: tents
Tent Capacity: 50 - 70
Area for sport activities.

Equipment: (Complete only while we are at camp.)
-drinking water from a nearby captive resource at Pasanska Gorica
-water tanks filled with water from the Stubica water supply network by volunteer Fire Department Gornja Stubica
-showers: Exterior installation: pioneer assembly (water from water tanks)
-sanitary node: rent - chemical toilet.
-kitchen: fitted kitchen with equipment: gas cooker, gas refrigerator and deep freezer; accessories
-organized Nutrition: - We can arrange nutrition from our kitchen (same food as our)
-independent food preparation: - cooking on the barbeque stand or tripod and kettle.
-tents and equipment: possible rent of the complete equipment in additional agreement
-wood for burning: free collection in nearby forests
-woodcutting: woodcutting in forests by agreement, remains of the saw wood (purchase in sawmill)

Distance to:
-the nearest town: Gornja Stubica cca 3 km
-Police: Donja Stubica 6 km
-Ambulance: Gornja Stubica 3 km
   Health Center Donja Stubica 6 km
   Hospital: KZŽ – Bračak, Zabok 30 km
-bus or train stations: 4 km
-ATM: Gornja Stubica 3 km

The camp is open: by arrangement / July-August
Contact person: Višnja Sremić
Email: oisavskigaj@gmail.com
Mob: +385 / 98 / 93 25 763

Additional offer through entertainment, sports and recreation:
-Bicycle path on the northern slope of Zagrebačka Gora (Medvednica),
-Retention dam on the Burnjak stream. See links: English, Français, Deutsch, Nederlands, Polski,
-Mountain paths and paths towards Zagrebačka Gora (Slani potok),
-Marija Bistrica - Marian sanctuary (pilgrim place),
-swimming in warm thermal pools Jezerčica and Stubičke toplice,
-Cultural Festival in Oršić Castle,
-Museum of Croatian Zagorje (peasant rebellion 1573.year) and Petrica Kerempuh prophet of the people and a cynical commentator on contemporary events,
-getting acquainted with old crafts,
-visiting Iris garden….
-Our day trip to Zagreb may be organized for foreign groups within a jointly agreed program